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Congrats to 2013 Champion Beau Binder

Congrats to 2013 Rookie of the Year Travis Stickels

Sept 14th Winner Lynn Ambrose

The Midwest Mini Sprint Series will kick off it's 7th consecutive season on May 3rd at the historic Brownstown Speedway! 
Gates open at 3:00pm, drivers meeting at 5:30, hotlaps at 6:00pm, and dirt ripping side by side racing follows soon after. 
Track Details 
If your not signed up or not currently a member registration will be open at 4:30pm. Breaking News
Racers do not forget May 10th!
Western Kentucky Trucking Inc hauls in a giant purse for the MMSA's first national caliber race of 2014 and the first appearance for the MMSA at the Western Kentucky Speedway, this exciting event will boast a purse of over $4000!
With great payout through the field! 
Sponsor Highlight>>>>
Western Kentucky Trucking (WKT) based in Henderson Ky, has provided quality logistical solutions since 1971.
MMSA thanks WKT for their continued support! 
*Added bonuses for top 600cc, and Hard Charger! 
This event will be held at the Western Kentucky Speedway in Madisonville, KY 
Details to follow @ 
Track Info
Come out and join in the fun with the MMSA, premiere Lightning Sprint racing. 
MMSA is a National Lightning Sprint Association sanction member.

MMSA returns to its roots and hits the road!


The MMSA welcomes 2014, with a great schedule, standardized rules and many new faces.

First off we would like to welcome our new competition director Carin Campbell. Carin has big shoes to fill with the retirement of MMSA co founder and promoter Bill May. Bill has been in contact with the MMSA staff guiding us through our off season. Bill is doing well and has spent the winter enjoying Florida. Replacing Bill has been nearly impossible but Carin has experience and the drive to be a great asset to our group. Carin has been around racing her whole life, and was a key part to the UMRAs success from 2002 into 2012. Working along side Travis Stickles during the UMRA years the duo helped the group secure growth, secure big dates, and amass a sizable points fund.

" I attended my first race when I was four years old, so I have been around racing most of my life. My father Billy (Soupy) Campbell raced the U.M.R.A TQs from 1961-1977. Dad was racing at Salem Speedway the night I was born, he won the feature that night! I worked with Travis during the five years he was president at the U.M.R.A. We worked long hours during the winter months to bring exciting changes to the club, we were a very successful team.

I enjoy the family environment that racing provides. I am very excited and looking forward to working with the MMSA in 2014!

See you at the track!


Another first for series this year will be the addition of a full time traveling announcer. Jay Tinder of Indianapolis has taken the position of the "voice of the MMSA". There are many positives for our group obtaining its own announcer including more exposure for our drivers and sponsors.

The traveling series does just that in 2014, with a an array of new tracks on the schedule. Premiere facilities cornerstone the agenda in 2014 culminating with the season finale National Race at the "Class Track" Tri State Speedway.

We also find ourselves teaming up with Mid American Lightning Sprints also a National Rules* series to bring you multiple high level events. Including national level events at New Florance Speedway (MO), Chandler Motor Speedway (IN) and Clay County Speedway in Illinois. These races have higher payouts and start money to help pay for the traveling.

An informational meeting will be open to current and potential members on April 5th, at 1:30 pm at the Steve Kinser Racing Headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana. Bring a lawn chair, and come and join us. If weather permits we will be grilling outside. With food provided by Wolfes Auto Auction and Hoosier Speed.

We would like to thank Randy and Steve Kinser for their continued support, as well as our track promoters, sponsors , and series partners.

Thanks to returning series sponsors: Mensendieke Auction Service, and Bradley-Myers and Sons Excavating for their continued support.

A special thanks to JayHawk Millright, it's owner Phil Heavelow, and MALS promoter Mark Billing in there assistance with our National Events schedule. 

I would like to thank the 45 people attending the Banquet, including guest, Jim Price, Brownstown Speedway promoter, Mark & Jamie Schafer of Schafer Photos & Custom Tees and Ryan Bowling of Fastlane video productions.

Prizes were donated by Hooiser Racing Tires (Midwest) Speed Partz, Speedway Motors and American Racer tires. After the awards and prizes were presented, Andy Bradley (Hooiser Racing Shop) gave a report on the recent regional rules meeting. MMSA 2013 rules will remain in affect until further notice, I (Bill May) am retiring (due to health issues)from actively Directing the MMSA, any changes will be announced when a new Director is named. In the meantime, Travis Stickels will handle the 2014 scheduling.

On a personal note, I want to thank all of the racers, crews, fans, track promoters and sponsors that have supported the MMSA during the past six years, I plan to continue as a spectator and look forward to attending races when possible in the future. 



Rules Further Updated 12-6-12


  Thanks to all of those attending the Banquet, 45 total, 15 different cars/crews were represented including all of the top 10 in points and Rookie of the year, plus special guests,
Larry Fasse of Speed Partz (Hard Charger sponsor) and Tony Rose, American Racer Tire Rep.

After the meal and trophy awards, we reviewed the 2012 season stats and discussed plans for the 2013 season, schedule, tracks, rules, etc. announcing the new engine inspection policy
resulted in several questions. In response to those questions, I offer the following remarks, Aftermarket internal parts and modification of stock parts have always been "illegal" with the MMSA, if you have been racing with any of these in your engine, "You have been CHEATING" One of the initial goals of the MMSA was to keep engine cost to a minimum, thus, the stock 1,000cc motors, allowing alcohol conversion as the only modification. but, we only checked Bore & Stroke, therefore, some people chose to see what they could get by with in an effort to gain an "unfair advantage. Apparently and unfortunately not having confidence in their own skill or ability to be competitive otherwise, sorting through all the BS this is what it amounts to in my opinion.

The new inspection policy still allows the possibility for an illegal car to win a couple of races (unless the protest rule is applied) before being detected, disqualified and "BANNED" from the MMSA I do not wish this to happen to any one.

We are attempting to provide as level playing field as possible, however, that term is not reality, remember the old IROC series, where all of the cars were identical, well, guess what, someone won each race and all of the other cars lost, how did that happen? A vast array of variables during the course of the event including driver skill and some luck maybe. something to think about when you accuse any or all of the cars finishing in front of you to be illegal.

In applying the new inspection policy, the only engine modifications allowed are (1) Milling the head, may save a warped head. (2) match porting & polishing (3) degreeing the cams.
To cover in and all "gray" areas, any other deviation from stock (bolts, springs, etc.) you will need written approval from the MMSA.

More information concerning the 2013 season will be posted within the next few weeks.


Payout has been posted on the schedule page.