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Congratulations to Andy Brady 2015 MMSA Champion.
Congratulations to Danny Fitzgerald 2015 MMSA Rookie of the Year!

2015 Banquet will be held at French Lick Indoor Karting! 
MMSA Awards Banquet 
December 13, 2015
French Lick Karting Center

-Lunch starts at 1:30pm
-Awards to follow
-Top 15 places receive hardware 
-Annual MMSA Cup time trials starts at 3:00 PM

Tickets are $12 in advance or at the door. 

Ticket includes your meal, with drink, and entry into the MMSA CUP time trials.

The winner of MMSA time trials receives a MMSA shirt and free 2016 Membership. 

You can race additionally for $10 a race, arrive and drive. 



Sept 5 Chandler Speedway

St. Jude Children's Hospital Weekend 

Elmer Davis Memorial
Chandler Motor Speedway
Chandler, Indiana
Silent Charity Auction

The Main Event !
Tri State Speedway "The Class Track"
Haubstadt, Indiana
Race for the kids!
Front row Challenge
Front row will be sold to the highest bidder!

$400 to Win, $60 to start!
$15 pill draw fee
$10 guest fee for non members

All T shirt proceeds go to the cause!
"New Talent Dominates the MMSA this week"  
The MMSA Winged Warrior Tour made their last appearance of 2015 at Lincoln Park Speedway this Saturday. Track conditions were favorable and the field was a great mix of new and old faces. The scene was set for some great high speed MMSA action.
Fast cars stacked heat one including Drew Dorsett (10), making his first return since last winning with the MMSA at Paragon Speedway earlier in the month Justin Lewis (77), who also won earlier in the season, and a very fast Danny Fitzgerald (88x) who recently has been a contender.
With the drop of the green they mixed it up, a hard charging Colin Parker (25) looked very promising in the first few laps keeping his car out front with a close following Colin Miller 2m and  Dorsett (10). Parker would pull it in on lap 3 with mechanical issues leaving a battle to ensue  between Dorsett (10) and Miller (2m). Meanwhile, further back side by side for 5 laps straight the 00 of Cory Meadows and the 77 of Justin Lewis battle for position. The heat went green to checkers without an issue and at the conclusion would see Colin Miller of Columbus Indiana victorious over Dorsett (10), Fitzgerald (88x), Smith (11), Lewis (77), Meadows (00), and Chambers (18c) 

Heat number two rolled from staging with no lack of talent including drivers Kevin Rice (7) who recently has returned from a long break from racing, Dave Dorsett (15) the same, two former series Champions Scott Bradley (1x) and Andy Bradley (86), the (50) of Daniel Henderson and the familiar BMW powered number (51) of Paul Davis. This heat also included three drivers making their first MMSA appearances. The (23s) of Brad Strunk, the 98 of Brett Davis, and the (2j) of Jeramie England. Brett Davis (98) and Henderson (50) would bring the field to green, with Davis (98) taking the advantage, Paul Davis (51) and the (7) of Kevin Rice would battle for 3rd. Henderson (50) would fall back letting the elder Dorsett (15) around. Meanwhile from row 3 Bloomington's Andy Bradley would begin a charge from the bottom of the race track, Dorsett (15) would follow. Brad Strunk (23s) and the 1x of Scott Bradley also battled with Strunk taking the higher line and the advantage. Andy Bradley would get the (86) into clean air and would pull away with heat 2, he was followed to the line by Dorsett (15), the rookie Brad Strunk (23s), Bradley (1x), the (7) of Kevin Rice, Davis (51), Brett Davis (98), Henderson (50), and England in the (2j). Heat 2 was also very swift with no cautions and all green flag laps. 

The MMSA racers enjoyed a lengthy break as the LPS modified division ran heat races and readied for the Patriot 100, which the 100 lap feature would be the main event of the evening. The MMSA racers and officials were very appreciative of track promoters Joe and Jill Spiker along with the competition director for running our feature program first. 

Once the track was cleared of the other divisions the MMSA crew had the racers lined up and ready. The passing points system, which was developed to promote more competition had done just that mixing the top 6, and putting two rookies on the front row. 

Fitzgerald (88x), and Strunk (23s)  would bring the field to green. A flawless start the field completed lap one with no incident. Strunk (23s) would lead the field, with Fitzgerald in tow, followed by the 2m of Miller. A family battle between the Dorsetts (10) (15) going three wide with the (86) of Bradley would give Strunk (23s) and Fitzgerald (88x) some breathing room. Drew Dorsett (10) would eventually break free and give chase to the (2m) of Miller. Meanwhile further back Lewis (77) would slip by the elder Bradley in the (1x) although both charging to the front. Parker (25) also moved towards the front overtaking Chambers (18c), Davis (51), and Brett Davis (98). As the field thinned out, Dorsett (10) would move into third overtaking Miller (2m), meanwhile at the point Strunk (23s) had his hands full with Danny Fitzgerald (88x) holding a narrow margin. Dave Dorsett (15) struggled to find the line letting Lewis (77) and Bradley (1x) to slip by. With three laps remaining Strunk would lead Fitzgerald but a new challenge to both in the number 10 of Dorsett had joined the party. The rookie points leader Danny Fitzgerald must have known time was running out has he hauled his 88x in next to Strunk (23s) trying to take the advantage with Dorsett nipping at his tail. The white flag was presented and you could throw a blanket over the top 3 as they entered turn one. Again side by side down the back stretch it looked to be Fitzgerald with the advantage in turn three Dorsett would set up a slider but Strunk would move to the bottom and under Fitzgerald who got loose, at the line it was  Strunk (23s) by a minimal margin, followed  Fitzgerald (88x), and close by the 10 of Dorsett. 

The feature event also went green to checkered without incident.  MMSA would like to thank Joe and Jill Spiker again for  providing an excellent facility for us this year. We would also like to thank all our racers and sponsors for putting on a great show. 

This weekend the tour heads south to Chandler Motor Speedway, and the "Class Track" of Tri State Speedway, come see the premiere support series in action this weekend as we race for the kids of St Jude's Children's Hospital.

Collin Ambrose has won his 3rd race in a row
When the dust settled at the legendary Brownstown Speedway, a familiar winner occupied the winners circle. The 36 of Collin Ambrose has won his 3rd race in a row. With the surface black and slick, many expected to see an Ambrose in victory lane. What was not expected was the phenomenal drive of MMSA rookie Danny Fitzgerald (88x). With the MMSA passing points and protocol Danny started on the outside of the first row. Andy Bradley (86) brought the field to green, and Fitzgerald (88x) hopped out to an immediate advantage. A red flag would hinder the first few laps, as the 14 of Tad Cheek would stall and cause the 20 of Tyler Kendell to get upside down. Kendell (20) would walk away but his car would be done for the night. Fitzgerald would  bring the field to green once again battling Bradley (86) on the bottom, he would again pull an advantage. Fitzgerald would  lead 17 laps before Collin Ambrose (36) finally took the point after working his way through the pack. After the race Ambrose said "Brownstown is tricky, you have to go slow to go fast". Fitzgerald would hold on to 2nd and current points leader Scotty Bradley 1x would capture 3rd. 
The series travels to another prestigious track this Saturday, you can find the "Winged Warriors" at Putnamvilles' Lincoln Park Speedway. 

Official Results:
36 Ambrose
88x Fitzgerald (r)
1x Bradley
86 Bradley
1 Ambrose
12 Roeling
2m Miller
87 Stickles
51 Davis
30 Horning (r)
18c Chambers (r)
17v Vawter (r)
50 Henderson
5 Fordyce 
00 Meadows
14 Cheek
20 Kendell
25 Parker DNS
10c Baumeyer 
77 Lewis 
"Collin Ambrose ends Andy Bradley's winning streak, and starts a streak of his own creating a mid season rivalry" 
A great weekend of racing culminated in back to back wins for  
Owensboro's Collin Ambrose sweeping the weekends events. Chandler Motor 
Speedway hosted Friday's race in front of a  sold out crowd. The near 
perfect track conditions provided exciting side by side racing through 
out the night. Heat one was locked up by the 77 of Justin Lewis, 
followed by Scott Bradley (1x), and Collin Ambrose (36). Heat 2 was 
dominated by the 86 of Andy Bradley followed by Jake Hodge (1jr)  and 
Brandon Smith (11). 
The MMSAs feature event was the first on 
tap for the Chandler fans, Illinois' Brandon Smith brought the field to 
green. Smith (11) fought with series points leader Scott Bradley (1x) 
for the opening laps eventually with Bradley taking the  lead. The 1jr 
of Hodge began to fall back with, Collin Ambrose surging forward along 
Lynn Ambrose (1) and the 77 of Justin Lewis. Meanwhile further back more
 great racing between the rookies Danny Fitzgerald (88x) and Cindy 
Chambers  (18c) swapping positions with Fitzgerald eventually taking the
 advantage.  At the halfway point the 1x of Bradley led with younger 
brother Andy Bradley (86) in toe, and a very fast moving Collin Ambrose 
(36) moving into 3rd. On Lap 12 Collin Ambrose would slip by the Bradley
 Brothers capturing the lead. Andy Bradley over took 2nd and began to 
chase Ambrose down who had already pushed his ERC to a 6 car advantage. 
Bradley (86) caught up to the "Green Machine" of Ambrose (36) just 
before lap traffic. Ambrose (36) would defend off numerous attacks 
including a last ditch effort slider by Bradley (86) on the final lap to
 steal the lead. The efforts came up short with Ambrose piloting around 
the top to pass Bradley earning the checkers for the 3rd time this year.
 The conclusion of the race brought the Chandler fans to their feet, the
 last 5 laps were what Chandler's promoter Kevin Bayer said were "the 
best racing of the season so far" with 4 lead changes in the last 3 
Hoosier Speed Official Results 
#36 Ambrose  (Watson Racing Engines Hard Charger)
#86 Bradley 
#1x Bradley
# 1 Ambrose
#77 Lewis
#56 Davis
#1jr Hodge
#11 Smith
#51 Davis
#55 Digler
#88x Fitzgerald (Speed Partz Rookie)
#18c Chambers (Speed Partz Rookie)
#23 Davers
#00 Meadows
#07 Rice
#25 Parker
Night number two took place at the very fast Western Kentucky Speedway. 
 MMSA rolled into town supporting the tin tops for one of the highest 
purses of the season. Heat 1 was won by the 86 of Bradley followed close
 by the 10c of Chris Baumeyer, the 36 of Ambrose, the 7 of Rice, 55 of 
Digler, 18c of Chambers, 51 of Davis, and the 12 of Roeling. The early 
favorite looked to be the 77 of Justin Lewis who put on a top side 
clinic dominating heat 2 over the 1x of Bradley, 1 of Ambrose, 87 of 
Stickles, 25 of Parker, 00 of Meadows and the 23 of Glen Davers. 
 Ambrose would lead the field to green, with the 36 of Collin Ambrose 
taking the early lead. The "Green Machine" left the field battling 
behind for most of the race. Eventually the 86 of Bradley would get by 
Lynn Ambrose (1) moving into the 2nd position, but it was short lived as
 the young gun Justin Lewis (77) found the top line and moved into 2nd 
challenging Ambrose for the lead. Lewis (77) and Ambrose (36) battled 
side by side with Lewis hanging on to the top. Unfortunately Lewis would
 lose power off of turn 3 and coast to the infield. After the caution 
many position battles broke out through out the field including the race
 between the 10c of Baumeyer and the 1x of Scott Bradley. The race for 
6th which was up for grabs between Stickles (87) and the 7 of Kevin 
Rice. The last 4 laps were interesting with Bradley (86) finding the 
line that Lewis had used early  and passing Collin Ambrose (36) out of 
turn two for the lead. Bradley would lead a very close following Ambrose
 (36) until turn 4 where the 86 also lost power coasting to the top, 
Ambrose would take advantage and the win at the line giving him his 4th 
win of the season, and the 2nd in a row.
Western Kentucky Trucking / Henderson Chevrolet Official Results
#36 Ambrose
#86 Bradley
#1 Ambrose
#1x Bradley
#10c Baumeyer
#7 Rice
#87 Stickles
#12 Roeling (Watson Racing Engines Hard Charger)
#55 Gilbert
#23 Davers
#77 Lewis
#00 Meadows
#18c Chambers (Speed Partz Rookie)
#25 Parker
#51 Davis
When the gates opened 26 cars signed in at a packed house at Paragon Speedway.
We had 3 heats races consisting of 9-9-8. The top 16 in passing points would transfer to the A main. Heat race number 1 was won by Andy Bradley, heat race two Lynn Ambrose was victorious, and heat race 3 was dominated by Collin Ambrose. Travis Stickles won the B main transferring to the main event along with Jeff Hinich, Glen Davers, and Cindy Chambers. The top 6 in passing points were inverted putting Michael Roehling on the poll and Drew Dorsett to the outside, Dorsett drove deep into turn 1 on the green and led every lap to the checkers. The Watson Racing Engines Hard Charger was Colin Parker driving from 12th to a 5th place finish.

Scotty Bradley continues to lead the points standings, and Danny Fitzgerald is the current rookie points leader. Official points standings will be posted by Thursday @ www.midwestminisprints.com.

Next weekend the MMSA loses the tin tops at Chandler Motor Speedway this Friday the 7th, then on to Plymouth Saturday the 8th to face off with the USAC HPD series in the MMSA-USAC Showdown.

Congratulations to Drew Dorsett and all our loyal racers, see you next weekend at the races!
The MMSA returns to Lincoln Park Speedway this Saturday  
The MMSA returns to Lincoln Park Speedway this Saturday with non-wing action in beautiful downtown Putnamville, Indiana. Come out and watch the drivers of the MMSA tame the Putnamville clay!

Can defending champion Lynn Ambrose win three in a row?

Race times and info can be found at:


Remember kids 10 and under always free at Lincoln Park Speedway!!!!

Gates open at 4:30pm Hot laps at 6:00pm  

The MMSA "Winged Warriors" will make a highly anticipated return to Paragon Speedway this Saturday!

"Don Papa Dorsett Memorial"

$100 to start the A main guaranteed!

Look for updates through the week as the pay out continues to grow!

Start Times
Pit Gates Open at 4:00 p.m.
Qualifying Draw - Closes at 6:00 p.m. sharp
Grandstand Gates Open at 5:00 p.m.
Hot Laps start at 6:00 p.m.
Racing Starts at 7:30 p.m.

This Saturday we will be at Lincoln Park Speedway 

This Saturday we will be at Lincoln Park Speedway. We will be non wing and a point race!

There is no guest fee, just the standard pill draw!

We are racing for points and we do need a good count!

It's hard to make everyone happy, but all of us here believe this is a great opportunity.

If you don't race with us regularly please familiarize yourself with our rules. We will tech you!


Thank You everyone for your overwhelming support and we will see you at the races!

June 20th race canceled  at Chandler

The upcoming race scheduled this Saturday June the 20th has been canceled. Chandler Speedway  promoter is taking the weekend off to support his son's baseball team who are playing for the state championship.

We are looking into the possibility of finding another track to race at on this date. Stay tuned for updates.

Next Race

"The Winged Warriors will return to North Vernon's Twin Cities Speedway this Saturday June 13th. Come out and see a full field of 1000cc Lightning Sprints tear into the very fast and exciting 3/8 mile oval! "
Gates open at 3:30pm
Pill Draw Ends at 5:15
Drivers Meeting at 5:15
Hot Laps at 5:30



Watch Live Video Clips

Be sure to catch live video update on Periscope.  You can download the free software for both Apple or android smart phones at https://www.periscope.tv .

Then look up the screen name MMSARACING.

MMSA driver of the week presented by  Cresent Donuts Shop of Bloomington, Indiana
This week we are featuring Jimmy (Hollywood) Gardner driver of the number 51 but sometimes scored as 151  MMSA Lightning Sprint from Cincinnati, Ohio ....read more

Another double duty weekend for the MMSA!

The Winged Warriors will go topless this Saturday at Chandler Motor Speedway. This is the first time since 2009 the MMSA has removed the wings at this facility. It will challenge the drivers and the action will put the fans on the edge of their seats!

Sunday the series puts the wings back on and heads west to the "Class Track" that's right Haubstadt's Tri State Speedway.  Tri State is arguably the best facility in the state and possible the nation! Come out and see the action this memorial weekend with the MMSA!

Join the drivers of the MMSA for a meet and greet at Roca Bar this Sunday from 12:30-2:00

We will have a few cars on display and some drivers on hand!
Roca Bar is located at 12301 Highway 41 North Evansville, Indiana 47725





MMSA driver of the week presented by  Cresent Donuts Shop of Bloomington, Indiana

This week’s driver spotlights it Justin Lewis driver of the #77 MMSA Lightning Sprint.  Justin whom resides in Columbus, Indiana is a junior at Columbus East High School.....read more


Make both features this weekend recieve a $100 cash bonus!
Chandler $300 to win $60 to start $50 Hard charger $50 600cc WKS $500 to Win $100 start $50 Hard charger $50 600cc

Everyone who makes the feature both nights will receive a $100 cash bonus (So at minimum a driver could make $260 for the weekend. )

Remember Chandler starts late 8pm central, 9pm eastern !

This just in and in addition to the above!!!!!!

"Chandler Motor Speedway and Western Kentucky Speedway are going to push the bar even higher for these drivers this weekend. Just confirmed, with Mark at Western KY and Kevin at Chandler, if you finish in top five both nights, you will be awarded an additional $100.

Good luck to all the racers Friday and Saturday night! see you at the track!" Track Info: http://www.chandlermotorspeedway.com 
Membership Forms

Please mail in your completed membership forms to
402 s. West Street
Greenfield. IN 46140

You may also submit the form at the first race.

Be sure to check out the A Main video from Du Quoin.



Chase Briscoe makes it two in a row!

Sunday March 15th at Du Quoin IL the MMSA and had another strong performance taking four out of the  top five positions.  Winning the feature was Chase Briscoe who is two for two in the Hoosier Speed car.  Second place went to the 2014 Illinois Lightning Sprint Champion Austin Archdale driving a Renegade Car.  Third place also driving for the Hoosier Speed team  was the 2014 MMSA season champion Lynn Ambrose. Fourth place went to last year's MMSA runner up Collin Ambrose driving an ERC car. Rounding out the top five  was Andy Bradley who also was driving the Hoosier Speed house car.

The official MMSA season kicks off the 2015 campaign having a pair of races Friday May 8th at Chandler Speedway and Saturday May 9th at Western Kentucky Speedway.

Lynn Ambrose the 2014 MMSA champion  

Congratulations to Lynn Ambrose the 2014 MMSA champion and Collin Ambrose the runner up.

Payout has been posted on the schedule page.