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2017 Kicks off at the Legendary Brownstown Speedway!

Track Preview

Bloomington Speedway has played host to some of the best dirt racers in the business, in the back woods of Kinser country this 1/4 mile oval not only boast one of the best surfaces in Indiana it also usually has a packed grandstand. The MMSA will visit Bloomington Speedway four times in 2017 two of those dates back to back for the second annual Lightning Sprint Nationals brought to you by Hoosier Speed and Speedway Motors!

Brownstown Speedway

Another great historical venue, built in 1952 and known for some of the best dirt late model shows. A wide two groove Brownstown Speedway is hard to beat, covered grandstands and some of the best cheeseburgers on the MMSA tour. 

Lincoln Park Speedway

Another prestige stop on the MMSA schedule,  the tacky surface is measured at 5/16th of a mile but plenty of room for action packed racing, this central Indiana track has earned its rank as one of the best since its conception in 1969. 

Salem Thunder Valley

The MMSA tour will go back to its roots and back to Salem's Thunder Valley Speedway in 2017. The MMSA last visited TV in 2008. This 1/5th mile will prove to be daunting as our racers take off the wings for three great events. 

Paragon Speedway

Another historically stop for the MMSA tour,  this paper clip shaped track explains what Indiana Sprint Car racing is all about. Many open wheel heroes have cut their teeth on this slick 3/8th mile facility. Not many things have changed at Paragon over the past 35 years, that means they are doing something right!

Tri State Speedway "The Class Track" 

Prestige and Professionalism are the only words that describe Haubstadt's Tri State Speedway. With the best promotional and track prep team known in the business the Helfrich family has owned and operated this track since 1957. 

The engineered surface provides some great traction, mixed with wide turns provide some excellent wheel to wheel action. 

North Vernon Twin Cities 

The "NEW" Twin Cities Speedway was purchased over the off season with an eager track owner and a well established track promoter, Twin Cities will return to greatness in 2017. Tim Keithy who once pulled Brownstown's Speedway from the ashes has joined this new team in building the new Twin Cites. Many improvements have occurred during the off season including new clay, new pit offices and many improvements in safety. 

Monroe County Fair

1/5 mile slightly banked oval, tight quarters provides a challenge for even the most talented drivers. Grass roots racing at its best!

Scottsburg Fair Grounds

A wide flat facility, and a 1st for the MMSA Tour. This non USAC winged events should be a great show for the fair crowd! 

We have fielded some calls over the past few days, and we want to clarify some things. 

      Success of our group is partly due to the enforcement of our rules, and mostly due to the great group of racers we serve. 

We will continue to strive to keep the MMSA the premiere support series in Indiana.

We do want to remind that racing with the MMSA is a privilege not a right.

       We welcome all , however compliance to the MMSA rules and procedures set forth is non-negotiable! 

We have something great here and we have no desire to change it.

      The basis of an economical racing group relies on the enforcement of the rules and procedures. 

Here are some topics that have been recently discussed. 

A) You do not have to be a USAC member to race in USAC co-sanctioned events. 

You simply don't receive USAC points. 

B) If you don't want to race for USAC points and you want to run American Racer tires on USAC nights that is also approved. You simply won't occur USAC points. 

However you still get MMSA points. 

C) Engine sealing is for your benefit! It not only helps you get out of the track faster after the races it also keeps you from in most cases getting your engine torn down at the track*. 

D) It is at the Competition Directors discretion if an engine needs to be torn down to be inspected.

E) The Competition director will target engines for further inspection if they have not been sealed and finish in the top three, three or more times. This includes races from 2016. That is correct we do profile. 

F) If your engine is sealed and you are protested by another racer your engine will be torn down. You have the option to have have it done at the track or be escorted to Watson Racing in Greenwood, Indiana. 

Other mutually agreed upon locations will be allowed. If your engine is found legal you will receive the $500 protest fee. If your engine is sealed and you are found illegal penalization will occur depending on severity, your membership may be revoked. If you refuse inspection your membership can be revoked. 

G) If your engine has been sealed and the Competition Director deems it necessary for your engine to be torn down and resealed. This will be handled under the same terms of a protest. The racer if found legal will be paid $500. If the engine is deemed illegal the same penalties will apply from above. 

H) Engine sealing is free, you just need to bring your own head gasket. Engine sealing can be done at anytime. 

I) Normal tech will usually include but not limited too, bore and stroke check, head runner inspection, transmission check. Safety inspections, seat belts ect.

J) During normal tech you may be asked to remove, spark plugs, injection, and engine covers, this includes valve covers. This includes sealed engines. 

K) Any and all on track calls are made by the hosting track. MMSA officials may penalize but will not overturn on track calls.

We kick of 2017 at the Legendary Brownstown Speedway! Thanks for being part of the Premiere Support Series!

2017 INFO
2017 scheduling is under way!
New Rules Posted!
MMSA will participate in the USAC National Lightning Sprint Championship in 2017!


Payout has been posted on the schedule page.